Making Ceramics | In Conversation with a Ceramicist


This June, we have added some beautiful new ceramics to our site. Each handmade in the UK by the lovely Megan. We managed to catch up with Megan and have a chat with her about her ceramics and the creative process. Read more

Editor’s Picks | March


Blooming’ Lovely Banner on Flowers

When I started Home of Juniper I wanted to make sure I loved every item I sold, in the hope that others would love them too. Every piece of home decor, jewellery and well being item on Home of Juniper is carefully chosen. Each piece is unique and lovely in its own right. As a way to highlight a few of our favourites each month we are having an editors Highlights page and a blog to showcase why we love them. Here are a few of my highlights for March:

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Old Faithful – Meet the Maker


One of our latest makers creates beautiful, natural and essential oil filled well-being and skincare products. We spoke to Gareth about what made him start Old Faithful and why he loves natural well being.

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Makers Stories | Lynn Fox



We first met Lynn Fox at a fair, her work stood out straight away and we have been selling a collection of her ceramics since this time last year. Each piece is unique and has its own beauty. We asked Lynn for a short video to show how she throws her pot, and asks her a little bit more about the process. Read more

Producer Stories | Positive Parent Affirmations

We are really excited to introduce one of our latest partners and their gorgeous products. Emma is a mummy who started a brand to help parents feel more positive about themselves and parenthood. All of Emma’s designs are perfect gifts for new parents. And a percentage from sales of her button badges goes to Mind charity, supporting positive mental health.

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How To Add Pastel to a Room | Interiors


We love pastel! Used properly it can lighten a room and add character. Using pastels with neutrals can create a beautiful light room. Interiors can also look gorgeous with a mix of pastels. Lilacs, blues, greens, yellows, pinks and more. Colours that can be used in any room in the house. Here are a few ways to add pastels to a room.

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In Conversation With Kate From Just a Card

david-austin-british-flowers-week-homeofjuniperHave you heard about the #justacard campaign? As a small business owner, it is a campaign close to my heart. We aim to support a variety of small businesses through Home of Juniper, because we know how hard it can be, being a small business. This is why we support British makers and designers, small family businesses and artisans from further a field. When I started Home of Juniper I remember my brother telling me it would be the hardest thing I would ever do but it would be amazing too. I don’t think I believed him at first, but he was right. It is hard and wonderful all rolled into one. I spoke to the lovely Kate Marsden, one of the #justacard team to find out more about the campaign and her involvement:

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British Flowers Week | A Selection of British Florists and Growers

wide-banner-flowers-vases-sunshine-homeojfuniperHappy British Flowers Week! Do you love flowers as much as we do? Florals have always been a big part of Home of Juniper. Whether it is floral scents in our fragrance and well-being range, a beautiful range of handcrafted vases, or pressed flower cushions… we cant get enough of them. We also use a lot in our images, because they are beautiful and they can have a positive affect on the mood. But we are in no way experts… so we have asked a few experts, wonderful British flower growers and florists a few questions about British flowers and why they love them.

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British Flowers Week | What It Is All About


Right, grab a coffee and we will tell you a little more about British Flowers Week. And why it is something to be excited about…

June is when British gardens really bloom, which is why it is the perfect time for British Flowers Week. British Flowers Week is an annual celebration of British flowers and the UK cut flower industry. Now in its 6th year and running 18th – 24th, the week was started by the Flower Market at New Covent Garden Market in 2013. There are various ways to take part across the UK. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Claire, one of the organisers at British Flowers Week, to ask her a few questions.

Can you tell us a little bit about why you started British Flower Week?

Here at the Flower Market at New Covent Garden Market, we’ve traded in British grown flowers and foliage for centuries. Up until the 1970s, the only flowers you saw came from flower farmers in Britain. Today, most of the flowers we see used in the floristry industry or for sale in your high street flower shop will have been grown by large scale commercial growers and routed through the Dutch auctions.

We wanted to promote and give visibility to these British flowers, their sellers, growers, and the independent florists championing locally-grown. Although beautiful British flowers are available all year round, we wanted to take one week to focus all our attentions on promoting them, generating interest and press coverage to boost the British flower industry.

Why is it important to support British Flower growers?

There’s many reasons to support British flowers, from an environmental and also just a purely aesthetic perspective.

Just like with food, people are increasingly demanding more locally grown flowers to celebrate the seasons. When grown in season, flowers look and smell better, and can have more unusual movement to their stems and variation that isn’t seen in large scale farming.

Not only do British flowers usually have a better scent than imported ones, they will be fresher and last longer. And of course, fewer flower miles mean less environmental damage. It’s also important to support local industry and many farms that have been growing for generations at the centre of communities. British flower farms encourage wildlife and biodiversity, providing food and habitats for our butterflies and bees.

What is the most important thing you want people to take away from BFW?

We want people to think about where their flowers, foliage and plants are coming from. To buy British wherever possible and support independent florists using British flowers.

How can people get involved in BFW?

People can follow everything that’s happening during British Flowers Week with the hashtag #BritishFlowersWeek across social media, and share how they’re celebrating too!

There’s events being held up and down the country to celebrate the week, including talks, pop-up shops and workshops – visit for a full list. Our star event is a collaboration with the Garden Museum where six florists will be creating specially-commissioned installations using all British flowers, which will be on display from 18-24 June for people to visit.

On the website there’s also a toolkit for florists, with free gift tags, posters and more tips on how to make the most of the week.

Of course, buying British is the simplest way to support the campaign and back local growers. Florists can buy from the specialist wholesalers at the Flower Market at New Covent Garden Market, or a grower from the Flowers from the Farm network, and members of the public from independent florists around the country.

 What is your favourite flower of the season?

It’s really hard to pick just one. I’d have to say either sweet peas, for their gorgeous scent, or digitalis, for their unusual shapes and movement. Both remind me of playing in my parent’s garden when I was younger – I think British flowers have such a power to evoke memories with their scents and colours.

British Flowers Week is in association with the Flower Market, Flowers From the Farm and British Florist Association. All three websites have some great information on where to find British flower growers… And how to get involved in British Flowers Week.

Do you have any plans to celebrate British Flowers Week? We are planning to showcase some talented British Florists and growers, show you some of our favourite British flowers, and we are offering at least 10% off all our Flowers & Florals page. Fill your home with flowers. Please tag us in any of your photos of British flowers and any posts that show you celebrating #britishflowersweek.

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Product Stories – Take One – Children’s Products

VW Camper Van - Solar Powered Light

VW Camper Van – Solar Powered Light

As many of you know, Home of Juniper started with the aim to collate a range of beautiful, well-made homeware, gifts and accessories which all have a wonderful story behind them. We share these stories though interviews with the makers and social media, but we wanted to share a few of our favourites each month, to give you a little more information about the amazing creatives we work with.

As it is still half- term for many of you, we thought we would start with a few of our products for children- all made or designed by parents:  Read more