Holidays in Europe

Everyone likes to holiday in a different way, and if you are like us you like to holiday in different ways each time. So we have a few ideas of how to holiday in Europe, from historical holidays to Villas in the sun.  Read more

Island Hopping of the Coast of the UK

Discover the islands around the UK. The furthest north settlement are the Shetland Islands, the furthest south settlement is Saint Clement, Jersey. (Technically a Crown Dependency and not part of the UK, governed by the UK. And it is a beautiful Island so we have decided to included it. And there are many in-between (and around). I don’t have the space to talk about them all here, but if you feel like island hoping for your holidays this year, why not do it around the UK.  Read more

Staycations – Where to Go in the U.K.



Holidays are important to relax, recharge and get away from the every day. A break from routine which can help you come back fresh. Whether you go for a couple of weeks or a couple of days. 

But you don’t need to board a plane to ‘get away’. Staycations are not only becoming increasingly popular, they can also be a lot more relaxing then travelling far away, especially if you have animals or children. (NB we are using the UK term of staying in the country, rather than the American term of staying in your home. Unless you are close enough).

Here are some ideas are places to visit without getting on a plane. Read more

In Conversation with Deborah Rodriguez | Author


The first Deborah Rodriguez book I read was The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul. It was given to me by my grandmother because she knew I love to read and travel. What makes it an even more fitting gift is the undercurrents of women empowering women that runs through the book. Each of Deborah’s books is set in exotic places and she writes in a way that makes you are there. We were luckily enough to be able to ask Deborah about her books, her inspiration and the travels she has been on.  Read more

In Conversation with pebble guides | Ethical Travel

We love to travel. To far distant places, European cities and everything in-between. The other type of travel we love is around the UK.  Discovering new favourite places closer to home.  Which is why we love pebble guide. A new guide that helps you discover new and ethical places to visit in a city. We had a chat with Georgina, the creator of the pebble guides, find out more.

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Summer Holidays | Things To Do

A few ideas of what to do in the Summer Holidays …

Feeling crafty?

Creativity and making is the perfect way to learn new skills and have fun during the summer days, especially on rainy days (we will probably have some!). Painting, photography, embroidery; there are many ways to express your creativity. You can download embroidery patterns for example lovely ones by Ovobloom and  you can to find some sewing materials visit Sewing Online


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Places to Visit in the UK – Northumberland


Northumberland is a beautiful oxymoron of a county, full of quaint villages which contrast against open spaces and vast coasts. There are areas of Northumberland which still have a wild air about them, like it needs taming but shouldn’t be. Having spent childhood holidays here I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for this county. And what is there not to love. Read more

Holidays 2018 – Places to Stay in the UK

How are you going to holiday this year? January is when we like to start thinking about how to holiday.

UK holidays are increasing in popularity and they can be equally as relaxing, intrepid or fun-filled as travelling abroad. Here are a few ideas for different and unique breaks in the UK in 2018. Read more

House Style at Chatsworth

Image credit: Chatsworth House Style

Chatsworth Houses sits, in all its grandeur, in stunning Derbyshire surroundings. The landscape around this beautiful building has influenced writer such as the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen and Daniel Defoe; it is a landscape that seems to have its own soul. This rolling, unending scenery is in stark contrast to the manicured elegance that is Chatsworth House. This elegance is currently expanded to a stunning exhibition- House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth. This innovative exhibition shows a mix of clothing and paraphernalia of owners, visitors and family members of this famous household. Read more