Fair Trade Fortnight – Interview with Aura Que & Kaffe Fassett


Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair trade fortnight was started to spread the joy and knowledge of fair trade, and why it is important. And you can’t find anything much more joyful than the homeware and accessories produced by the collaboration of Aura Que and Kaffe Fassett. And made fair trade in Vietnam. We were lucky enough to be able to ask them a few questions about their collaboration, and why fair trade is important to them. Read more

Self-Care Challenge

Looking around me at the people I love recently I was struck by how much time they put into other people and forget ( or feel like they don’t have time) to give themselves the same energy they give to others.

There can be something self-indulgent sounding about the term Self-Care. A current hit word. But it isn’t about selfishness it is about self-preservation. Taking a moment to yourself and not worrying about the dishes, work, the school run, or anything or anyone else you are worrying about. It is about taking time – 5 minutes or a whole hour- to concentrate on yourself. No TV, no social media, just you in a moment.  Read more

How To Make Your Lunch Break More Sustainable

As a nation we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the world and how even our smallest decision can affect the world around us. This is why we choose ethically sourced, recyclable (and often recycled) gift wrap. And this is why we have added a few sustainable food storage and carrying items to Home of Juniper. Ways to use less plastic, and more reusable protection. Here are a five of our favourites:  Read more

In Conversation with an Illustrator – Deborah Panesar

For 2018 we are really excited to introduce some gorgeous new brands and some lovely new makers and designers. One of these talented people is Nottingham based Deborah Panesar (née Ballinger). We managed to catch up with Deborah and talk to her about her love of illustrating and the challenges of being a working artist. Read more