Our Ethics


With a New Year, I thought it is a good time to clarify our ethics and the wording we use in our blog articles, social media and product descriptions. Read more

Sustainable Living and Gifting.

recycled-cotton-throw-homeofjuniper-handloomed-fairtradeSustainable Living and Gifting.

Recycled materials – baubles, cotton throws, plastic bottle throws, recycled glass wineglass, bird feeder and clocks. One of the best ways to be more eco-friendly is to recycled materials. And there are some amazing ways things can be recycled. With new methods being brought into the production, more and more things are being remade and re-loved. Here are a few of our favourite things made from recycled materials. Read more

My EcoBox | Brands We Love


Ethical is the new black! But buying ethically and living sustainably can be hard. One of our aims as a business, is to make ethically living easier. And we love working with brands with the same ethos. One such brand is the lovely My Ecobox, an eco subscription box. We managed to catch up with My Ecobox owner, Cara. To ask her a few questions on what made her start the brand. Read more

Ethical Wedding Planning 2019


Eco-friendly is the new black. And as there are more options available, it is becoming increasingly easy to have an eco-friendly wedding on any budget. There are many ways you can make a wedding more eco-friendly, here are a few of our favourites:

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Bake | How To Make a Beautiful But Simple Real Flower Cake

We have all seen the stunning cakes with real flowers on this summer, including at the royal wedding. Here is a really simple cake: Read more

How To Get Married Ethically

Jenny Maden Photography

We realise some of you 2018 brides will be further on than others but here are a few ideas and tips on ethical wedding ideas for 2018. The dress, the rings and more… Read more

Ethical Fashion – A Few of Our Favourites Take Two

Chiffe Studio

One of our favourite things about buying from independent ethical Fashion companies is that you are not going to see loads of people in the street wearing the same thing as you. No piece is mass produced, and many are unique. As well as uniqueness of design each piece, each is made in an ethical way. Read more

The People Empowering Ethical Fashion


 It is Fashion Revolution Week. A week where we can learn and share knowledge about our clothes. What we wear and how it is made. A week to grow, not to judge but to understand more.

Over the last few years we have discovered some wonderful people who have introduced us to sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made idea, products and fashion brands. Including some who are really empowering ethical fashion. You don’t need to be a brand or influencer to empower ethical fashion. You just need to start looking at #whomademyclothes ?

Below are a few people who empowered ethical fashion for us, we asked each of them the same question – Why is Ethical Fashion important to you? Here is a little about them, and their wonderful answers:

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Xoomba – Ethical Fashion from West Africa

Every brand has a reason it was created or a special story behind it. Xoomba creates beautiful home and textiles in West Africa. Ethically produced from Organic cotton. We managed to catch up with the creator of Xoomba , Heather, to find out a little about what inspired her to start Xoomba and what makes Xoomba fabric so special. The more we find out about this ethical clothing brand, the more we love it! Read more

Why Vintage?

While looking around for ethical clothes and where to buy them I started looking at Vintage. With re-using being one of the most important examples of sustainability, vintage is not only cool it is sustainable. We spoke to the wonderful Tassie, owner of Chiffe, about why she wanted to start her own online store. Tassies Chiffe Studio opened its virtual doors earlier this month. Here is what Tassie had to say about why she choose vintage… Read more