The Food Connection | A Conversation with Tessa Kiros

Provence to Pondicherry by Tessa Kiros

We at Home of Juniper love food. Food is very important. Food holds memories; memories of a grandmothers cooking, recollections of travels abroad, reminders of meals with friends and family… This is something food writer and chef Tessa Kiros understands. Her recipe books are intertwined with history of the food, the links to herself, her past and the world around her.

In her latest recipe book, Provence to Pondicherry, Tessa takes the reader on a journey from Provence to Guadeloupe, Vietnam, Pondicherry, La Reunion and then to Normandy. Throughout this book, as well as wonderful recipes, Tessa tells the reader about the countries the food is from, and the influence of French food in all these beautiful countries. We were lucky enough to catch up with the ever talented Tessa Kiros to ask her about food, travel and inspirations.

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As the sound of Auld Lang Syne fades and we start settling into 2017, we have to shimmy through January. January is the month universally acknowledged to be the worst in the year. It is cold, Christmas is over, you have eaten too much and you have written a list of resolutions you don’t really want to keep… With this in mind we are dedicating our first blog post of the year to the best parts of January.
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