Lockdown Learning

Now is a great time to start learning something new, if you haven’t already started (or are looking for the next thing to learn). Here are a few ideas, all based on arts and craft (all online). Read more

Wellness in 2020

Wellness in 2020

More and more people are reporting feeling burnt out. Stress levels are increasing as people try to make all aspects of their lives perfect and ‘Instagrammable’. Bowing to the pressures from all angles – personal and work life.

It is important to take time to recharge and, in this way, stop burn out. Different people relax in different ways. There is no ‘ right way’ to regain your normal vitality. Simple changes can make a big difference, without adding more stress to your life. Read more

Well Being 2019


Well-Being can cover a variety of things. The well-being of your, mind, body and soul. After the manic months of November and December, we can all do with a little help getting us back into a healthy body and mindset.  We spoke to a few experts to give you some ideas to get you back in control of your well-being.

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2019 | New Year …. Same You

New Year can bring up a range of emotions, (even if you discount the what to do on New Year’s Eve quandary) the pressure is on to make the most of the year ahead. And often media pushes diets and exercise regimes. This is great if they are goals you can stick too, but not if they end with you sat in a heap.

This is our guide to surviving the New Year pressures:

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The Importance of Self Love | An Interview with Kay Ska

We have been thinking a lot recently about the importance of self care and self love recently. Having a positive relationship with yourself can have a big affect on every aspect of your life. So we decided to chat to a Self Love professional, the lovely Kay Ska. We spoke to her about her business, her Instagram and the importance of Self Love and self esteem.

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Self Care Challenge & Why We Love It

We have been very lucky and had the chance to work with two lovely Mum bloggers. If you have read our previous post you will know why we set the challenge. But the basics is that we want to shine a light on how important it is to look after yourself and take time to yourself. And one group of people who seem to really need this are mums. This why we set the challenge… And these are a few of our favourite moments from the Self Care Challenge:

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Self-Care Challenge

Looking around me at the people I love recently I was struck by how much time they put into other people and forget ( or feel like they don’t have time) to give themselves the same energy they give to others.

There can be something self-indulgent sounding about the term Self-Care. A current hit word. But it isn’t about selfishness it is about self-preservation. Taking a moment to yourself and not worrying about the dishes, work, the school run, or anything or anyone else you are worrying about. It is about taking time – 5 minutes or a whole hour- to concentrate on yourself. No TV, no social media, just you in a moment.  Read more

Happy New Year!

You are beautiful hanging heart decoration with quote home of juniper

You are beautiful hanging heart decoration with quote – Home of Juniper

2018. New Year. Time to take stock. Remember to congratulate yourself for the good you did in 2017 (you did good, you know you did). And start considering what you want to achieve in the year to come. Whether it is a new job, a new hobby, a healthier diet or making sure you have more ‘me time’. There can be a lot of pressure this time of year. Most New Year’s Resolutions don’t make it to the end of January. So this year make sure your goals are something you look forward too, something achievable that will add something positive to your life. Something that you want to do, not just something you think you should do. And remember, if it scares and excites you in equal measure, it is probably worth looking into.

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