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Bliss and Joy through flowers 

Bliss and Joy through flowers by Samantha Flowers bring me so much joy – I love the colours, textures and divine expression that flowers give whether in a garden, field or even on a road side; or in a bouquet. Recently I made a heart shaped oasis flower arrangement for a very beautiful and special […]

Autumn Hygge

Autumn Hygge Autumn Hygge is important. Changing seasons can affect people in different ways. Some people love each change and revel in the differences bought with each change. So, as we move into the colder seasons, here are a few ideas on how to embrace autumn. 

Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging Now is a perfect time to practise flower arranging. Especially if you have a garden full of blooms.  It is also a wonderful way to make the house feel fresh, without having to do much. Whether you pick your flowers or buy them, here are a few tips for flower arranging.

Chocolate biscuits

Moorish Chocolate Biscuits Easy to make and easy to eat. (Far too easy to eat!). These chocolate biscuits are great with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. And easy enough to make with children. We made them with dark chocolate powder, but if you want them a little lighter, you can use different, milk […]