Nature Watch – July

Nature Watch 

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we care for it for our children. 

There are a lot of negatives at the moment around climate change and animals being endangered. So we have decided to do a monthly post with some of the positives. Just a few snippets on things we have heard, read and discovered and heard recently; all of which show we can make a positive difference on this wonderful planet. 

Cleaning Beaches

Scientists in Australia have announced that litter on the beaches is down 30% from 6 years ago. In some areas litter is down 73%*. The litter being down will help to protect wildlife that can be injured or killed by plastic rubbish. It will also help to stop smaller plastic pollution in the water that has various implication on nature and our health. 


New Discoveries

We are still discovering new species. A frog discovered in Ecuador in 2019 has just been officially named Intag’s Resistant Rocket Frog. Which is definitely a name we will be remembering! 

Wild Pups

The Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi, Africa has announced that a group of wild dogs moved to the reserve in 2021 have had their first litter of puppies. These wonderful animals are endangered due to poaching and lack of habitat (they like to roam). There are only around 6,600 of these animals left  on the planet. Moving them to new, safer habitats in reserves such as Majete gives them a chance to breed and get their numbers back up. 

•From the Remembering Wildlife Instagram Page. 

If you have any nature positives that you think we should share, please let us know. 

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