Garden Time | Gardening in July

Gardening in July

July is a beautiful time of the year. It is the time when the garden is blooming and you get to see out of the plants and flowers you spent all spring tending.  Read more

Holidays in Europe

Everyone likes to holiday in a different way, and if you are like us you like to holiday in different ways each time. So we have a few ideas of how to holiday in Europe, from historical holidays to Villas in the sun.  Read more

Book Corner | What Red Was by Rosie Price



Book Corner | What Red Was by Rosie Price

Published: 9th May 2019 

A stunning debut novel by Rosie Price. Written with a confidence you don’t expect from a first release. I am already waiting for Rosie’s next novel. What Red Was is an elegantly written book, which sympathetically examines friendship, family, mental health and the effects of assault; through the lives of Kate, her best friend Max, and his family.  Read more

Free-d | Jewellery Matters


Free-d | Jewellery Matters

You know when you find a brand that you are instantly drawn to. Free-d was one of these brands for me. It is not just the stunning jewellery. And the jewellery IS stunning. It is also the story behind it. It is the people behind it.  Read more