Plastic Swaps: A few favourites 

selection of plastic free items including a spa bar and bath puff in a cotton planter

Plastic Swaps: A few favourites 

It is Plastic Free July this month, so we thought we would share a few of our favourite plastic swaps. It is important not to stress with plastic swaps. Find things that fit into life, and enjoy making the positive changes. Here are a few we love.  Read more

Bliss and Joy through flowers 


Bliss and Joy through flowers by Samantha

Flowers bring me so much joy – I love the colours, textures and divine expression that flowers give whether in a garden, field or even on a road side; or in a bouquet.

Recently I made a heart shaped oasis flower arrangement for a very beautiful and special person; and last minute with no preparation – making it extra fun! Sometimes; love and creativity (and some good music) is all you need to create something beautiful to show a loved one just what they mean to you (including yourself) and that can be done as cheaply or as costly as you want. Read more