Old Faithful – Meet the Maker


One of our latest makers creates beautiful, natural and essential oil filled well-being and skincare products. We spoke to Gareth about what made him start Old Faithful and why he loves natural well being.

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Well Being 2019


Well-Being can cover a variety of things. The well-being of your, mind, body and soul. After the manic months of November and December, we can all do with a little help getting us back into a healthy body and mindset.  We spoke to a few experts to give you some ideas to get you back in control of your well-being.

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Self Care – Why it is not just a buzzword


You have probably heard a lot about self care, well-being and ‘looking after you’ recently. The more you hear about it, the more it can seem like a trend that will be put aside soon for the next popular hashtag. But self care is a buzz word with a difference. It actually IS important. And as people start to speak out more about mental health and body care, the realisation of this importance is coming through.  Read more

2019 | New Year …. Same You

New Year can bring up a range of emotions, (even if you discount the what to do on New Year’s Eve quandary) the pressure is on to make the most of the year ahead. And often media pushes diets and exercise regimes. This is great if they are goals you can stick too, but not if they end with you sat in a heap.

This is our guide to surviving the New Year pressures:

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