You and Health in 2018

2018 is all about positivity and looking after yourself and others. There are always excuses for not exercising or not eating as healthily as you maybe should. (Believe me, we have thought of them all!) But healthy eating and exercising can improve quality of life, so we have decided it may be worth a try. Here a few ideas on ways to improve your health- body and mind, in 2018.

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Holidays 2018 – Places to Stay in the UK

How are you going to holiday this year? January is when we like to start thinking about how to holiday.

UK holidays are increasing in popularity and they can be equally as relaxing, intrepid or fun-filled as travelling abroad. Here are a few ideas for different and unique breaks in the UK in 2018. Read more

Happy New Year!

You are beautiful hanging heart decoration with quote home of juniper

You are beautiful hanging heart decoration with quote – Home of Juniper

2018. New Year. Time to take stock. Remember to congratulate yourself for the good you did in 2017 (you did good, you know you did). And start considering what you want to achieve in the year to come. Whether it is a new job, a new hobby, a healthier diet or making sure you have more ‘me time’. There can be a lot of pressure this time of year. Most New Year’s Resolutions don’t make it to the end of January. So this year make sure your goals are something you look forward too, something achievable that will add something positive to your life. Something that you want to do, not just something you think you should do. And remember, if it scares and excites you in equal measure, it is probably worth looking into.

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