In Conversation With a Blogger – Elle Blonde


Technology is increasing the variety of jobs available for people. Something that we see as very positive, even if it does sometimes mean explaining what a Social Media Expert or a Professional Blogger is to our parents. Speaking to bloggers you find out that this is a job that is harder than it sounds. However, it is a job that often comes from love. A love of writing, a love of creativity, a love of sharing (and sometimes accidentally over-sharing). It is a job that usually starts as a hobby and turns into a job. It has a lot of positive points- it is creative, you get to manage your own time … But it can also be very hard to make money blogging. We have spoken to the lovely Laura Dawson about what it is like to blog professionally.

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In Search of Bees For Bees Needs Week.

This year the BBCT Bees’ Needs Week takes place from 17th -23rd July, so get together to support the UK’s bees! Bees Needs Week links BBCT partners such as Kew Gardens, The Wildlife Trust, this is a national pollinator awareness week from DEFRA, and the key message is Bees’ Needs: Food and a Home.

We, at Home of Juniper, have celebrated Bees Needs Week by going on a bee hunt. We found out there is a lot more going on in the garden than we thought. (Though we did have to get a little bit of help from BBCT to work out what our bees were).

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Creating the Perfect Calm in the Home

top view scented candle on blanket with lavender homeofjuniper

Scented candle on wool Blanket – Home of Juniper

Even in the most frenetic world, there needs to be one place which induces calm and relaxation.
That place is your home.

When you close your front door on the madness outside, you should feel an innate sense of calm flooding your body, and an impression of having just stepped into your very own sanctuary.

Fortunately, there are ways to achieve a more zen-like atmosphere to your home without having a complete overhaul, or even re-decorating (because we all know how much added stress that can bring!) Read more

How Does Your Garden Grow? – With Bloombox

Everyone loves getting flowers through the post and we at Home of Juniper are excited by a new company who has added a twist. Instead of cut flowers a carefully picked box of potted plants and flowers arrives at your door each month. Flowers and plants bring beauty and positivity wherever they are. They are, also, acknowledge to have health benefits, taking bad toxins out of the air, and increasing mental health. The lovely thing about The BloomBox Club is that, as well as having beautiful, expertly picked plants arrive at your door at a regular basis (there are different subscriptions); you also become part of a community, with garden and plant knowledge shared with their followers. Which makes this great for expert plant growers, or people new to plant care. We asked, Sarah Lawton, one of the brands directors, to tell us a little more about this wonderful company. Read more