Home Roaming – House Plants


Home Roaming – House Plant Love

Homes are curated and created both consciously and unconsciously as we live our lives. Outside influences affect the home designs. Whether because of items gifted from others or things we have bought ourselves. Each house has an imprint of ourselves. Imprints come from different sources if the kitchen is inspired by the latest trend on Instagram, or bedroom from your favourite Home Decor magazine.

Ideas and items are imported from other countries, borrowed from friends and inherited from family. 

Our next range of blogs is all about what influences your home. How different countries can influence design, or items inherited from family, or current style trends. Read more

Smaller Weddings

Smaller Weddings

We have done various posts on weddings in the past, but none last year. Finally it feels like a time when we can breath and start planning weddings again. Though it may be a while before they are the same as pre covid weddings, if anything, they will mean more. Here are a few ideas on making small weddings feel special. Read more

Things to look out for in the garden in spring


Things to look out for in the garden in spring. 

Spring is a wonderful time, as flowers start unfurling and hibernating animals start to wake up. And, this year more than others, it is important to concentrate on nature and the positives. Here are a few things you can look out for in your garden (or if you don’t have a garden, in a park or wood.)  Read more

Autumn Hygge

Autumn Hygge

Changing seasons can affect people in different ways. Some people love each change and revel in the differences bought with each change. So, as we move into the colder seasons, here are a few ideas on how to embrace autumn. 

Enjoying the Outdoors

Leaves changing colour from green to golden brown, autumnal berries of reds and purples, endless blue skies and amazing sunsets. The outdoors isn’t just for spring and summer. It is the perfect time to tidy the garden. Or go for long walks, photographing the changes around you. 

Cosy Calm and Candles

Snuggling up. It is definitely candle season, lovely scents and flickering light. If you are like me, it is always candle season, but now is candles and blankets are perfect to make the home feel cosy and help you to relax. Hibernation time! Lavender and geranium and bergamot are great scents to help you relax. While orange and spice scents are perfect to make you feel warm and cosy. A lovely way to relax. 

Moments of Mindfulness

Take time to clear your mind. Either empty it through meditation. Or if, like me, you find this hard, find another way to fill the space. Something that relaxes you and holds your concentration. Yoga, Pilates, reading or sketching. 

Baking and Making

Now is a great time to get in your kitchen or cosy up in your lounge to bake and make. Get inspired by Bake Off to try new bakes. Practice your skills. Look after yourself and your sour dough mother dough. Make mincemeat ready for mince pies or get your Christmas pudding ready. 

Or try your hand at one of the amazing craft kits available. Felting, embroidery or painting. 

Tell us how you love to relax and have autumnal moments of Hygge. Have you followed any of our ideas? Or do you have your own plans

Flower Arranging


Flower Arranging

Now is a perfect time to practise flower arranging. Especially if you have a garden full of blooms. 

It is also a wonderful way to make the house feel fresh, without having to do much. Whether you pick your flowers or buy them, here are a few tips for flower arranging. Read more

Chocolate biscuits


Moorish Chocolate Biscuits

Easy to make and easy to eat. (Far too easy to eat!). These chocolate biscuits are great with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. And easy enough to make with children. We made them with dark chocolate powder, but if you want them a little lighter, you can use different, milk chocolate powder or dip them in white or milk chocolate.  Read more

Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion are becoming increasingly mainstream. With sustainable fashion even being championed by the BAFTAs. And big brands are using eco fabrics. There is still a long way to go, but the fact ethical fashion is being talked about across medias can only be a good thing.  Read more

Apricot Brioche Buns 


Apricot brioche buns

A beautiful sweet bread that tastes delicious eaten as a sweet treat or wrapped around a savoury burger (meat of vegan depending on your preference) This is a basic brioche recipe which can be adjusted on how you want to use it.

Once the dough has been proved and re-kneaded, this is when you can ‘customise’ it. 

Decide on the shape you want it. You can make it into bread bun shapes or put it in a tin (or do what we have done and pop them in cake tins or case like we have (we used silicon muffin cases).  

Decide if you want them plain or with added ingredients. We added chopped apricots, but you can add chocolate chips or anything else as long as you don’t add to much and the pieces aren’t too bad.  Read more

Lockdown Learning

Now is a great time to start learning something new, if you haven’t already started (or are looking for the next thing to learn). Here are a few ideas, all based on arts and craft (all online). Read more

Small Business Supporters

Small Business Supporters

We just wanted to give a little shout out to a few of the people, brands and movements who have helped support, encourage, influence and help us. Read more