Ethical additions to your home 

willow-curtains-face-pot-noirEthical additions to your home 

Making your house feel like a home can mean different things to different people. Making it look exactly how you like, or feel snug and cosy. Or fell like an indoor jungle! 

Plant Love. 

Plants are a great way to add eco to your home. Plants are great for your mental health and they help the environment too. Especially larger plants. Plants like Mother in Laws Tongue are air purifying. Time to make your house feel like a jungle?


Fair Trade Additions. 

Support fair trade makers by buying gorgeous new additions to your home. There are some beautiful additions to the home from fair trade makers. In every sort of style. Simple designs that fit any home, or more stylised to fit your boho home or your Scandi home. 

Throws are a simple and easy way to add colour, texture or comfort to a room. And our fair trade throws are even more ethical as they are made from recycled materials, such as recycled cotton or recycled plastic bottles.


A Little Bit of Vintage. 

Adding vintage to your home can also help with your environmental footprint. Home decor that has already been used and loved and cared for, with a new house to be part of. What you add doesn’t have to be antique, but reusing something already used before lengthens the ‘life’ of that item, limiting its 

What do you plan to add to make sure your house feels like a home? Are you going to add a new vintage cupboard or a fair trade throw? Or are you planning on adding to your plant library?

Find some of our Vintage pieces here.


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