Lazy Caesar salad

Lazy Caesar salad

A lovely evening meal for spring and summer which takes less than 30 minutes. 

You need: 

A bag of mixed lettuce

Parmesan (there are great Vegan alternatives) 

Refrigerated (not frozen) chicken nuggets. (Or defrosted Quorn nuggets)

Bacon Cut up into 1-2cm strips (or a vegan alternative) 

Caesar Dressing (There are Vegan alternatives) 

Simply heat some oil in a large frying pan. While doing this wash the salad and put in a large bowl. ( You can just have lettuce or add tomatoes and peppers for more flavour.)

Turn down the frying pan to a low to medium heat. Then using kitchen scissors cut the chicken nuggets into the pan  – each strip should be about 2cm wide.  Add the chicken to the pan and after 10 mins add the bacon. Fry for another 10 – 15mins until the bacon and chicken starts getting crispy. Spoon the chicken and bacon onto the salad and mix together. Serve onto plate and let people add their own Caesar dressing and parmesan shavings.

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