Self Care September


Self care has become a bit of a buzz word. Sometimes a word becoming ‘trendy’ can take away from the importance of the word. But self care IS important and becomes increasingly important the busier we are and the more we are going through. There are always plenty of things that you have to do or that are ‘more important’ to do, but without looking after yourself you wont be able to complete these things to the best of your ability. 

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In Conversation with a Massage Therapist | Self Care September


September is self care month and there are numerous ways you can look after yourself. One lovely, if rather luxurious way is to treat yourself to a massage. We spoke to massage therapist Sarah Baxter about how she became a massage therapist and why she thinks it is important.

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In Conversation with pebble guides | Ethical Travel

We love to travel. To far distant places, European cities and everything in-between. The other type of travel we love is around the UK.  Discovering new favourite places closer to home.  Which is why we love pebble guide. A new guide that helps you discover new and ethical places to visit in a city. We had a chat with Georgina, the creator of the pebble guides, find out more.

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