Marshmallow Just Got Cooler – Meet the Mallow Maid.

vanilla marshmallow from mallow made

Marshmallows have just got cooler! These gorgeous, sweet treats have just got a bit of attitude. We spoke to the owner of The Mallow Maid, Sarah, about her innovative flavours, her inspiration and having her Marshmallows showing what they are made of in Vogue and Glamour magazines!  Read more

In Conversation with a Stay at Home Mum.

Over the months we have looked at various ways people live there lives. Food Writers, professional bloggers, designers and makers. One of the (many) roles we are missing is Stay-At-Home Mums. They are heroes. It is a seven days a week, 24 hours a day role. It is not something that is always possible, either because of financial restraints or because it doesn’t suit the person. (Just to be clear, we think working mums and people without children are amazing too. But today we are concentrating with Stay-at-Home-Mums). It is a wonderful way to spend your days, but can also be hard.

Home of Juniper spoke to the lovely Jessica from @homeisacottage on why she decided to be a stay at home mum, and the ups-and-downs of being one. Read more

Essential Oil Luxury Soaps- Meeting Our New Maker

soaps wrapped in gift wrap surrounded by rose petals

We have added a new stockist to our range and we would love to introduce them! Rebecca produces a lovely range of luxury soaps, all made cold compress and stunningly fragranced. Home of Juniper are very excited to be adding Bliss Botanicals fragrance heart melts, Happiness soap, Love soap and Joy soaps to our range. These beautiful soaps and fragrance hearts are lovely to use and make gorgeous gifts. Each item is carefully handmade using a mix of ingredients. These carefully chosen ingredients includes olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and pure rose geranium lavender and clary sage essential oils. We spoke to Rebecca about her gorgeous soaps and what led her to start Bliss Botanicals.

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