Sustainable Living and Gifting.

recycled-cotton-throw-homeofjuniper-handloomed-fairtradeSustainable Living and Gifting.

Recycled materials – baubles, cotton throws, plastic bottle throws, recycled glass wineglass, bird feeder and clocks. One of the best ways to be more eco-friendly is to recycled materials. And there are some amazing ways things can be recycled. With new methods being brought into the production, more and more things are being remade and re-loved. Here are a few of our favourite things made from recycled materials. Read more

How to minimise Christmas waste – reduce reuse recycled

How to minimise Christmas waste – reduce reuse recycled

Christmas can be a wasteful time of year and a time of excess. But it doesn’t have to be, and you can still have a lovely Christmas while being sustainable. Here are a few ideas on how to have a more sustainable Christmas.  Read more

Christmas Cards 

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One of my favourite things about the festive season is sending Christmas cards. I always set aside an evening to write the cards (or at least the UK cards). Sat in front of the fire, with a glass of wine and something nice to eat, writing letters to the people I care about most. It is a calming and thankful thing to do. A way to concentrate on all the lovely people. Do you love sending cards too? Do you buy a pack or do you get individual ones for each person you write to? Here are a few of our favourite Christmas cards. Read more

Baking up a Treat


Things to Bake:

The nights are drawing in and Christmas is coming. A lovely time to bake and make treats. So here are a few ideas that make great snacks for when people visit. Or great gifts for people for Christmas. Read more

Gift Guide | Five Pounds and Under

Here are a lovely selection of gifts all five pounds or under. Lovely gifts that are great on their own, in gift sets (we can gift wrap them for £2.50 – just let us know if you want them all wrapped together or separately.) Or they are great as stocking fillers. We have plenty of other things under £5 on the site, but these are a few of our favourites. And remember everything arrives wrapped in ethically sourced tissue, for no extra charge. Read more

Ethical Gift Guide – Under £20

Here are a few of our favourite ethical ideas for gifts this Festive season, all £20.00 or under.  Read more

How to have an Ethical Christmas

There are many ways to have an ethical Christmas and we have written down just a few ideas. Here is our guide to having a Christmas which is merry and ethical.  Read more

Christmas Traditions – Part One

felt christmas stocking

I love Christmas! When you are small it is all about the magic of Santa, flying reindeer, parents secretive whispering and packages under the Christmas tree. As I have gotten older I still find Christmas magical. The scent of pine, feeding the christmas cake, watching Christmas films (Love Actually, at least once!).. the list goes on. But, there are a few new things that I love about the festive season. One of my new favourite things about Christmas is finding out what other people do. What traditions they have and follow each year, or reminisce about. We asked a few people their favourite Christmas traditions. All people we asked have worked with us in some form over the last year. Here are a few of their Christmas traditions: Read more