Smaller Weddings

Smaller Weddings

We have done various posts on weddings in the past, but none last year. Finally it feels like a time when we can breath and start planning weddings again. Though it may be a while before they are the same as pre covid weddings, if anything, they will mean more. Here are a few ideas on making small weddings feel special. Read more

Ethical Wedding Planning 2019


Eco-friendly is the new black. And as there are more options available, it is becoming increasingly easy to have an eco-friendly wedding on any budget. There are many ways you can make a wedding more eco-friendly, here are a few of our favourites:

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In Conversation with a Wedding Photographer | Weddings

Wedding season may be coming to a close, but weddings continue all year. We spoke to wedding photographer Charlotte Heather-Cray about what inspired her to become a wedding photographer and what her favourite thing is about her job. It also gave us a chance to look at some of her beautiful images.

How To Get Married Ethically

Jenny Maden Photography

We realise some of you 2018 brides will be further on than others but here are a few ideas and tips on ethical wedding ideas for 2018. The dress, the rings and more… Read more

Winter Weddings – Colour, Flowers and Tips

Winter weddings have a beautiful charm about them, a kind of magic only possible when there is a chill in the air and a winter sun. Obviously having your wedding in winter also has its risks. British weather is not known for being easily predictable. And some of the options for summer weddings aren’t suitable in the winter. We have spoken to a few wedding experts for their tips on giving a Winter wedding a little bit of magic.

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An Interview with Wedding Shed

Wedding Planning with Wedding Shed

‘ Wedding Season ‘ is technically over, but the weddings continue. Planning a wedding can make people feel a little like a bunny in the headlights. So, Home of Juniper have had a chat with a twin sister team about their wedding planning business. As well as telling us a little bit about how they started their business and what it is like working with a sister, they also passed on a few tips on planning your special day.  Read more

In Conversation with a Wedding Photographer

Weddings are one of the happiest days of your life. A day when you declare your love to the one you love, infant of the people you love. Usually at these occasions there is someone in the background, someone present at some of the most important parts of the day- from the bride getting ready until the sun is setting and the wedding party starts dispersing- the photographer. Creating beautiful images for you to remember your day with. We have managed to get a little inside information on what it is like to be professional wedding photographer, by talking to the lovely Kathy at Katherine Ashdown Photography : Read more