Slow by Jo Peters | Book Review


Slow – Jo Peters Book Review

Published 2018

Summersdale Publishers Ltd

Slow  Finding Peace and Purpose in a Hectic World, by Jo Peters. A enjoyable coffee table book, perfect for anyone who needs a little more slow. A book all about slow living, with some tips and ideas on how to slow down.  Read more

Gift Guide – Gifts By Hobbies


Gift Guide – Gifts By Hobbies

Time to start thinking about Christmas? Here are a few ideas for the people in your lives, whether they are gardeners, bakers, travellers or coffee lovers.  Read more

Ideas For Children | Summer Holidays

VW Camper Van - Solar Powered Light

VW Camper Van – Solar Powered Light

Summer holidays are here! Which is wonderful, but it can mean needing to entertain little ones who are used to spending days at school and with friends. In-between visits with friends, trips out and holidays, there also needs to be chill days at home. So we have come up with a few ideas on how to keep children entertained at home (especially when it is too hot or rainy to go out).

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Wine in the British Isle | Hanwell Wine Vineyards

I have to confess I usually drink French or Italian wine. It may not be particularly ‘cool’ to drink it, but I love a beaujolais on a cold, winter evening or a nice light white wine in the summer. But it turns out I was missing something… British wine! English wine is becoming increasingly popular and with this popularity a wider range are available to try. There are wine estates you can visit and buy from across the country. We spoke to Helena, the owner of one such Vineyard, based in Nottinghamshire.  Read more

Mindfulness | Mindful Living Show

Mindfulness as a form of relaxation and a way of living has an increasing following. In a world where we spend an increasing amount of time in front of screens or  rushing around, taking a moment to yourself and concentrating on the world around you is important. This year you can find out more at the MindfuL Living Show London. Read more

Living Walls | Thinking Green


We love plants. Anyone who follows us on social media will have had a hint of it already. So we decided to tell you a little bit about why we love plants and give you a few ideas on how to incorporate them into your life. We spoke to Plant Design, a company that specialises in bringing plants into indoor spaces, to find out a more. 

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Bee Charity – What the Proceeds do for bees!


As a current supporter of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, we would love to share a little more about why we support this charity, and what they do with the money raised through your support and the purchase of any of our bee products.

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Old Faithful – Meet the Maker


One of our latest makers creates beautiful, natural and essential oil filled well-being and skincare products. We spoke to Gareth about what made him start Old Faithful and why he loves natural well being.

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Self Care – Why it is not just a buzzword


You have probably heard a lot about self care, well-being and ‘looking after you’ recently. The more you hear about it, the more it can seem like a trend that will be put aside soon for the next popular hashtag. But self care is a buzz word with a difference. It actually IS important. And as people start to speak out more about mental health and body care, the realisation of this importance is coming through.  Read more