Dishes for using up ingredients – Chicken and Leek Bake

Using up recipes: Chicken and Leek Bake


White Sauce (100g butter, 100g plain flour, 1.2litres milk and seasoning.)

Chicken – great for left over chicken from the Sunday roast. 

Bread crumbs (Or you can also finish with potato if you prefer)

1 Leeks


Slice a leek and put in water to boil (don’t cook all the way, just par boil.)

Make a white sauce: Measure out the ingredients first, because white sauce doesn’t like to be left! (You can buy pre made white sauce to make this a quicker and easier dish.) Add 100g of butter to a sauce pan on a low heat. Once melted add the flour, stirring constantly. Once the butter and flour are mixed very slowly add the milk, make sure you stir the entire time. Keep stirring while the sauce thickens. Add pepper to season, and a tablespoon of parmesan if you wish.

Take the sauce of the heat and strain the leeks. Add chicken to a oven proof dish. Either small pieces of uncooked chicken or use chicken up from a roast chicken the day before. Add the leeks and the sauce and stir. Flatten out once it is mixed and add the crumbs on top with parmesan. 

Cook for 30mins. Take out of the oven and enjoy.


Make vegan by swapping the chicken for Quorn and making a Vegan white sauce (there are recipes available but not any we have trialed yet. You can get alternative parmesan from places like I Am Nut Okay.

Tip – to make this a 40min dish by a jar of white sauce instead of making it. You can also miss out the cooking of the leeks by cutting them very thinly so they will cook in the oven or swapping leeks for spring onions. 


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