Spring is here – helping wildlife

Spring is here – helping wildlife recover from hibernation

Spring is here, the clocks change soon. Birds are starting to sing more as they start to nest and bees, butterflies and hedgehogs are all starting to come out of hibernation. Here are a few tips on making your garden friendly for nature.

Feeding hibernating creatures and birds

After hibernation all creatures wake up hungry. So making sure there is food available will not only help but also encourage nature into your garden. Hedgehog food can be bought at most get shops or online. Bird food can also be bought or you can feed some kitchen food and wast such as apples, apple peelings etc. Water is also a must, so if you can, leave out one or more shallow dishes of water – this will help a range of mammals, bird and insects. Find more tips on the RSPB website. Including creating safe spaces for animals to nest and raise their young.



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Winter Flowering or Early flowering plants

For bees and other insects, flowering plants are vital. Different insects like different things, but some of our favourite early plants include winter flowering honey suckle and crocuses (both of which are very popular with bees). They also love dandelions! Daffodils, hellebore and some tulips are other early flowering plants that can be vital for insects. You can also get some early flowering roses. Not only do early flowering plants provide much needed food, they also make your garden feel spring like much earlier. 


Hellebore are beautiful winter/spring flowers

Garden Tidying 

You should have cut your hedge by now – doing it any later may disturb nesting birds – charities suggest cutting in February at the latest. Also a increase in the amount of hedgehog injuries with gardening were reported last year. So remember to be careful, especially with bonfires and Strimmers. 

If you can leave rough areas, especially around hedges, this will protect hedgehogs and birds. 

Do you have any favourite flowering plants? Let us know on our social media. And remember 10% from sales of our bee products go to Bumblebee Conservation Trust via Work For Good.

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