Home Roaming – Influence from abroad

Home Roaming – Influence from abroad

Homes are curated and created both consciously and unconsciously as we live our lives. Outside influences affect the home designs. Whether because of items gifted from others or things we have bought ourselves. Each house has an imprint of ourselves. Imprints come from different sources if the kitchen is inspired by the latest trend on Instagram, or bedroom from your favourite Home Decor magazine.

Ideas and items are imported from other countries, borrowed from friends and inherited from family. How different countries can influence design, or items inherited from family, or current style trends.

One of the things that affects how we decorate our house is influence from afar. Whether your home is filled with pieces bought from afar, or influenced by styles and designs from other countries.


Travel Influence

Every country I travel to I bring back a piece of art them and frame them in matching frames (interlinking each country). This means the artistic style of the country is embellishing my home, as well as a visual of the country itself. As well as bringing mementos home, other countries influence our homes through trends and styles we adopt. Something that has been happening for centuries, across nearly every country.


All Things Scandi

The lovely Scandi influence has made us discover a simple home decor. Light wood, sheepskin throws and clean simple lines and furniture. Decor meant to be calming and up-lifting. The simplicity of design means it’s easy to apply to the home as a whole or to add little touches of scandal to your home. The simple light colours and design help contrast against the dark days in Scandinavian countries. Perfect for UK weather too. 


Grecian Influence

Ancient Greece and Rome influence has increased in the last few years, including candles, planters and more in the style of classical statues, glorifying the human form. Pillars (even in miniature form in candles) are also back on trend. Concentrating on form and shape.

Do you have a favourite country style that your home is influenced by? And if so was it a holiday that started the love of it?

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