Plastic Free July


It is July, which alongside picnics and festivals and beach trips means #PlasticFreeJuly. It is easy to lose momentum on living plastic free (or more realistically for most of us, living with less plastic.) Especially as things are insecure at the moment, with the world and the economy. But here are a few reasons you should still try to reduce plastic. 

It is working!

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to carry on trying to cut plastic, it appears to be working. As we cut our single plastic use it does seem to be having a positive impact on the environment around us. The negative impact of single use plastics has been well publicised. The reduction of plastics is also starting to make its impact and be publicised. A study on plastic litter has recently announced that plastic litter is down by nearly 30% on their coast. In some areas it is down 78%*. It shows that we can reverse some of our impact on the planet.

Save Money

Even thought the initial outlay can be more, some plastic swaps can save you money in the long term. This is especially true of things you may buy a lot, such as sanitary products and face cloths. You can also save money using a reusable coffee cup – either because it allows you to make your coffee at home, or because some coffee shops will give you money off for using your own cup.

Our Earth Legacy

Nowadays many children are teaching their parents about the benefits of reducing plastic use. Young people are becoming increasingly aware and passionate about the planet that we will be leaving them. Reducing plastic use is only a tiny part of it. But it is a part of it. And it is a part we can all be involved in.

We are passionate about trying to be as eco as possible. Even from the start of our business we only used plastic minimally, or reused plastic that was sent to us. We have also sold plastic swaps since the beginning. here are a few of my favourites. blue-pattern-snack-bag-on-floral-star-sncak-bags

*From Plastic Free July Instagram Page – 10th June 2022.

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