Wellness in 2020

Wellness in 2020

More and more people are reporting feeling burnt out. Stress levels are increasing as people try to make all aspects of their lives perfect and ‘Instagrammable’. Bowing to the pressures from all angles – personal and work life.

It is important to take time to recharge and, in this way, stop burn out. Different people relax in different ways. There is no ‘ right way’ to regain your normal vitality. Simple changes can make a big difference, without adding more stress to your life.

Simple Day-to-Day Changes

Changing small parts  of your daily routine can make a big difference. Here are a few ideas for tiny changes:

Take a moment each morning and evening to concentrate on deep breathing. Increased air supply can help us relax and keep our brain energised.

Make a few simple changes to your diet. Caffeine and sugar can give you a boost of energy short term, but in the long term coffee and refined sugar can increase anxiety and give you more  periods of low energy. Making it harder to focus and function.


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Weekly Changes

Set aside time in the week to do something that makes you feel more energetic. Bake, exercise, meditate… Even just one hour a week. Give in to the hashtag and set an hour aside as part of #selfcaresunday to do something you actually love to do and that makes you feel happy.

If you have a house full, it can be hard to find space to take time for yourself, in which case try making it a family/group thing. Bake together, have a family cinema time, do yoga together (there are some great moves suitable for all ages, but make sure you check first).

Monthly Changes

Sometimes it can seem impossible, but making time to do things that you enjoy can give you more energy and act as a form of stress relief.

Think of something you would love to do more of, or start doing, and set time aside to do it. Whether it is with some of your favourite people, join a class, start rock climbing… Make space in your schedule to do it. And do it unapologetically, without guilt.

Note to Reader

One of the most important things about avoiding burn out is not adding more pressure. So only make the changes you want to make. Things that will help you to feel happier and more relaxed. If it starts becoming more stressful, stop. And instead just take time for quiet.

For more ideas on how to introduce a little self care into you life try our books – Slow and How to Balance Your Life.


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