Fun things to do to help save the planet – for all ages

Fun things to do to help save the planet – for all ages

Finding fun things to do to help save the planet is always important, and there is a lot out there. There are lots of ways to help nature, whether it is little things or big things, you can find something that will fit your routine. 

Looking after nature in your garden

Looking after the nature in your garden, or joining a local gardening group can be a great way of enjoying nature. Making sure there is space for nature to thrive is important. This means leaving things a little bit wild. Leaving log piles for insects and as hiding places for voles or hedgehogs. Asking neighbours if you can leave holes in hedges and fences to allow a highway for nature. Planting a diverse range of plants. And using natural methods or fertilisation and pest control. It may be annoying to have greenfly in your garden, but they are breakfast for ladybirds. 

You can also plant certain plants to encourage wildlife in. As diverse a range as possible is great, as it will encourage a range of nature. Geranium and lavender are great for bees and butterflies. Nettles are the place for the peacock butterfly to breed. Blackcurrant bushes encourage the Clearwing Current Moth. If there is something specific you wish to encourage look up what it eats or lives on. 

Encouraging nature into your garden can be fun and relaxing. It is calming to watch the butterflies, bees and birds you have encouraged. And to learn more about the creatures and plants you are sharing your space with. 


Volunteering with a nature charity. 

There are lots of nature related charities looking for volunteers. Volunteering with one of these charities is a great chance to help nature, meet new people and learn new skills. You could work with your local conservation group. Or charities like the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Surfers Against Sewage or the RSBP. There are local groups in many towns or cities too. Some charities you have to be over 18, but others will let children join in as long as they are with a responsible adult. 

Volunteering can mean doing various things. Find something that fits you and that you will enjoy doing or learning. And if you don’t have time to volunteer for a certain amount of time each week or month try filling in forms to help them. For example you can help RSPB map nesting sites if you know where the local swift nesting sites are. And can do this on your own sofa and in your own time. 

Plastic Swaps

There can be a lot of pressure to make changes and be more eco, but we think it is important to enjoy the swaps and enjoy helping the planet. This way we will do more. Plastic Free July is coming next month which means there will be lots of great discussions on how to help the planet. Including plastic swaps. How many have you tried so far? The swaps we use the most are the reusable face cloths and the bar soaps. Find more on our Sustainable living page. 

There are many ways you can help save the planet. And all the little things we do will add up. And they can be fun.

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