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Northumberland is a beautiful oxymoron of a county, full of quaint villages which contrast against open spaces and vast coasts. There are areas of Northumberland which still have a wild air about them, like it needs taming but shouldn’t be. Having spent childhood holidays here I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for this county. And what is there not to love.

The Coast

One of my fondest memories of Northumberland are the wide open beaches, empty except for the odd dog walker. This is something that may have changed as Northumberland has become more popular, but the wide stretches of beaches are still there and beautiful.

A Word on Nature

There is something vast and untamed about areas of Northumberland, not just the coast but inland too. The range this county covers and the fact large areas are left alone or protected means that there is a beautiful range of nature. A perfect place to see a range of nature. Get a boat to the Farne Islands to see seals and puffins. Or search in woods for red squirrels and deer. Or look into the sky to see goshawks and curlews. Search heather for Mountain Bumblebees or Grouse. All these creatures share this countryside with the tourists and the locals. And that is not even starting on the flora. It is a beautiful place to walk. And, though I have never tried it, I hear it is beautiful to camp in.

Food and Drink

I love food, and a lot of how I feel about a place is determined by the food eaten (Is this just me?). When I think of Northumberland the food that comes to mind is fish and chips, fresh crab, and stotties. It brings back thought of waking up and walking to the local shop Alnmouth to get croissants and orange juice in a glass bottle.

It is Magic

Harry Potter Lived There… Kind of. At least, it is where some of the movie was filmed, which suggests I am not the only person to see a certain kind of magic in the beauty and wilderness of Northumberland. … Castle was where Harry Potter was filmed, was built in … and …

Places to Stay

There are a range of places to stay if you are lucky enough to visit Northumberland. And as the popularity increases so does the variety of places. Camping is popular, though not necessarily for the faint hearted (it can get quite cold especially with a coastal wind), and there are hotels. But personally I have always preferred my own base. A home from home, and there are some wonderful holiday cottages available through out the county. Try Northumbria Cottages, who have a great range with different prices, styles and more… including dog friendly and houses close to the beach.

Dear reader, I am going to be honest, I am not telling you where my favourite beach is. Because, as lovely as you are, I don’t want it to be full of people next time I visit. But the first person to guess correctly can have a votive candle on us.

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