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Blooming’ Lovely Banner on Flowers

When I started Home of Juniper I wanted to make sure I loved every item I sold, in the hope that others would love them too. Every piece of home decor, jewellery and well being item on Home of Juniper is carefully chosen. Each piece is unique and lovely in its own right. As a way to highlight a few of our favourites each month we are having an editors Highlights page and a blog to showcase why we love them. Here are a few of my highlights for March:


Bumblebee Glass Coaster – Made in the UK – £4.95

Bees. I love bees and have done as far back as I remember. And with our partnership with the wonderful Bumblebee Trust it is important for us to keep introducing new and lovely bee items. We donate at least 10% from the sales of the bee products going to the charity. These gorgeous designs are initially painted by the lovely Sarah Boddy. Her art work is then printed onto lovely items, such as this coaster and the bee card we stock.



Handmade Bar Soap – £4.50


Handmade by the lovely Rebecca. Made by a mummy, they make a great gift for Mother’s Day and they are completely natural. Natural is important for Rebecca as, ‘Much of what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our body. Whilst there can be a lot to be said for synthetic ingredients in certain skincare products, personally I am enchanted by the healing power of plants, which is why my products contain almost all plant based ingredients rather than synthetic fragrances’.



Blooming’ Lovely Sign – £8.00


These lovely signs are handmade in Derbyshire. Simple and elegant, they make great gifts. They also look cool hanging in a kitchen or bedroom. Blooming’ Lovely is great for anyone who loves flowers, or is lovely! But we also have banners great for people who need a little positive motivation, or those who love tea (who doesn’t?).



MOA bath soak – £7.00

It smells divine! And they look pretty. All their well-being and skincare products are made and designed in the UK, MOA concentrate on natural and healing oils. These Himalayan salts are infused with lavender and cardamom, amongst other oils. Perfect for a moment of calm and healing. Even better they have just created a smaller size, so you can now get our smaller sachet of salts for only £7.00.



Succulent Planter – £26.95

Modern and elegant … and designed specifically for succulent. I love these beautiful planters, they also look great with Orchids in them. As they aren’t water proof you do have to use them on plants that don’t mind daily sprays rather than being soaked (but you can line them if you want them waterproof.)


As it is #Fairtradefortnight at the beginning on March I couldn’t not include some of our favourite Fair Trade pieces. These gorgeous fair trade mice cheese knives make wonderful gifts. And these gorgeous boards are perfect for the home. Made from natural marble each one is different,some have grey lines through, others are warmer tones. Each one is beautiful and handmade, fair trade in India.



Bird Feeder £4.95

I get a lot of joy from seeing wildlife in the garden and it is great to encourage birds and animals with food and shelter. These are meant for feeding apples to birds, but if you have fussy birds fat balls can also fit on the feeder. I love these because they are made in Cornwall by a company that reuses plastics and other materials. These eco-friendly feeders are made from recycled plastic plant pots. (A wonderful way to reuse garden waste.)

To see more of my picks for March, or to buy one of the items you see here,  head over to our Picks Page. Thank you for taking the time to read about why I love the things on Home of Juniper. And thank you for supporting small.

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