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We love pastel! Used properly it can lighten a room and add character. Using pastels with neutrals can create a beautiful light room. Interiors can also look gorgeous with a mix of pastels. Lilacs, blues, greens, yellows, pinks and more. Colours that can be used in any room in the house. Here are a few ways to add pastels to a room.

Ceramics and Vases

Some of our favourite interior accessories are the pastel vases and jugs, handmade in Leicestershire. A lovely way to add pastel to a room, without breaking the bank. Vases can be added to any room of the house, we love them in the centre of a table or placed on a windowsill in a bedroom.


Sue Pryke Vase – available at Home of Juniper


Pastel Soft Furnishings

Add pastel cushions, throws or rugs to a room to add a little bit of pastel, but not overload. A few cushions on a sofa or bed in matching or complimentary pastels can add light and fun to a room. Alternatively pastel rugs or floor cushions can have the same effect.

The rug below is sustainably made and available at Venoor Living.

Get Your Paint On

There are some stunning pastel paints available Whole rooms, focus walls or even furniture. Adding a little bit of positivity to a room. The pastel colours can make a space feel larger and lighter than dark colours. Choose contrasting patterned furnishings to add texture.

The blue below is from the wonderful Little Greene Paint Company.



A pastel sofa is quite a bold move, much harder to change (but not impossible) if you fall out of love with it. But a pastel sofa or bed can be stunning and pull a room together, making it a wonderful space to live in.

We love Loaf! This Furnishings company started in London and all their sofas are made in the UK. Have a look at their Dixie Sofa below or one of their gorgeous beds at the top of the page.

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