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We are really excited to introduce one of our latest partners and their gorgeous products. Emma is a mummy who started a brand to help parents feel more positive about themselves and parenthood. All of Emma’s designs are perfect gifts for new parents. And a percentage from sales of her button badges goes to Mind charity, supporting positive mental health.

What inspired you to start Isabella and Us?

Isabella (my daughter) and my experiences of motherhood so far are the main inspiration behind Isabella and Us. I found becoming a mum really tough and it definitely was not an easy transition for me. I found myself feeling guilty most days for not doing the things around the house I would have done pre-pregnancy and would often reel off a list of things I hadn’t done when my husband returned home from work. When I changed my mindset and began to focus on what I have achieved during the day I began to feel so much more positive and I realised that this too could help other parents. 

When did you start Isabella and Us? 

I started Isabella and Us 4 weeks after Isabella was born in January this year, after I struggled with the transition into Motherhood. Isabella is now 7 months old and I am juggling family life and running Isabella and Us. and trying to find the balance.

Why do you think it is important to use positive quotes for new parents?

This is so important. This massively changed everything for me when I was in that negative mindset. Being a parent is tough and I’ve found that often the reality that is talked about on social media or in films etc isn’t the actual reality when you become a parent. 
I really thought the transition would be easy but for me it really wasn’t, whereas my husband took on the role of daddy really well. I think its just so important to remind parents they are doing an amazing job  and that they’ve got this! 

What you say to a new mum or dad who are struggling with their new role? 

I would say take your time, becoming a parent is a massive life changing event and it is so different for everyone. I compared myself massively to other mums and put a lot of pressure on myself to be this ‘perfect’ mum. Truth is everyone is winging it and you just have to trust your parenting instinct. You know your baby better than anyone else so trust that. 
Its also important to remember to ask for help, whether that is from a friend, family member, GP, Midwife or Health Visitor. I hated asking for help but I did need it; I needed help from my parents to look at after Isabella so I could take a shower etc, needed help from my friends to make me feel a little more like me, and help from my GP and Health Visitor as I was diagnosed with PND just over two months ago. 

What is the future for Isabella and Us? 

My ultimate dream is that Isabella and Us. will be a recognised brand and that it will continue to grow. I’m launching an exciting project soon and I’m hoping that this will tie everything together that I try and do here at Isabella and Us. 

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