Small Business Supporters

Small Business Supporters

We just wanted to give a little shout out to a few of the people, brands and movements who have helped support, encourage, influence and help us.

All of the below offer some free help or resources ( either in retweeting, free Facebook groups or other) and some also offer services you can pay for (such as courses, books, promoting and more.)

We are giving this shout out partly because they are amazing and deserve a mention (and much more). And partly because we know a lot of creatives and small business owners follow us, so hopefully this will help you too. 

The Insta Chat: Sara Tasker.

Sara also offers paid for courses. Use hashtag – #TheInstaChat

UK Gift Hour: We love these people! Officially their hours are Saturday and Sunday mornings (between 9 am and 12pm) But really they are there through out the week. A wonderful group who champion small business on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Drop in on Twitter on a weekend morning and use/follow #UKGiftHour

Use Hashtags –  #UKGiftHour or UKGiftAM on all social media (but especially Twitter.)

SmallBizSatUK –

Rebecca Reviews – I discovered Rebecca about a year about. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to find out how to get involved. You can also find out more on her website, where she reviews and writes about lots of lovely small businesses. She also shares exclusive small business offers and things that small businesses could use.

Ethical Hour – Ethical Hour (as it says in the title) is about all things ethical, including business. You can sponsor a chat and get (find out more on their website) or join in the chat for free.

Is there anyone we have missed? Let us know on social media. 

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