Garden Time – May

Our tips for looking after your garden in May. Including getting your vegetables ready and what to plant. Happy Gardening lovely people.

Weather Watch 

May can be very changeable in the UK. Heatwaves and hail storms. So it is important to keep an eye on your growing garden. Look out for gentle plants and seedlings, protect them from late frosts. And on hot days water the garden early in the morning or late at night, so water can be absorbed before the sun takes some off. And remember to open greenhouse and conservatory doors and windows on very warm days (while you are home).


Perfect time to grow larkspur and candytuft – available to buy on our site.

Plant and Grow

May is also a growing month. Continue to nurture seedlings and plant them out (when they are large enough) at the end of the month. If you have a greenhouse it is a good time to plant larkspur, Sweet William, Wall flowers and foxgloves.

And it is a great time to start planting outdoor seeds such as nasturtium, candytuft, poppies, and nigella.

Veg Patch 

May is a good time to start filling your Veg Patch. Even if some will not be ready until autumn or winter. Some Veg need starting off inside, including courgette, sweetcorn, kale and runner beans. 

Out door planting can start too, with various vegetables including broccoli, beetroot, spinach, carrots and cabbage. It is a good time to plant any potatoes you haven’t already.



Clematis Montana, blooming in May. Fair trade lantern available on our site.

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

Lawns grow well in May, so make sure you keep the lawn mowed. It is also a good time to tidy hedges, but check for birds and nests before clipping. If you find a nest leave the area until the birds have fledged. Remove unwanted weeds.

Happy May! Have a lovely one and enjoy planting and growing. We love hearing from you, so get in find us on social media and let us know how your gardening is going.

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