MAKE BAKE AND READ | Some things to do in the Easter Holidays

MAKE BAKE AND READ – Some things to do in the Easter Holidays

The Spring half term is here, so we have come up with a few things to do incase you need a few ideas. We would love to hear about what you are doing this half term and Easter weekend. Find us on social media and let us know! (Links at the base of the post).


Reading is a great way to while-a-way a few hours on a rainy day, perfect for any age group. Cosy up in a blanket with candles and lose your self in  book. Learn more or lose yourself in another world or another time.

Small Stuff have some inspiring books for children, including books from the Little People, Big Dreams. These wonderful books are great for teaching children about amazing people of the past and present, including Vivienne Westwood, Maya Angelou, Jane Austen and more.


Cinnamon Bun


Cinnamon buns. One of my favourite recipes. It is a great one to do with kids, especially on a rainy day. In total it takes about 3 hours (including 2 hours proving). It has various aspects of baking including kneading and using yeast. The recipe we use is by the wonderful Tessa Kiros, in her book Falling Cloudberries. A great treat as an Easter breakfast or a mid afternoon snack. And they make the house smell amazing! 

If you don’t have the time to make Cinnamon Buns, there are some other wonderful other treats to bake.



Half term is also a great time to create. Painting, collage, making Easter wreaths or decorating fabric are all great. decorating fabric to make into unique curtains or create a Teepee with. Our fair trade stamps are great to use to decorate paper or fabric. 

If you don’t want to get arty, there are some useful recipes for natural home products you can make. Find a recipe for on  Homemade, Natural Carpet Freshener on the lovely Sparkle Nest.



Outside Trips

Fingers crossed we have a sunny break, if it is sunny enjoying the great outdoors is a must. There are some wonderful free areas all over the country. Places to walk, especially if you are lucky enough to lie by the sea. For enjoying the outdoors a little closer to home check out our blog on how to make your garden wildlife friendly.

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