Sweet Virtues …


With Easter around the corner we decided to catch up with one of our sweetest producers. Sweet Virtues is a wonderful London based chocolate company whose innovative and delicious flavours have become increasingly popular. Part of the reason for the popularity of these products are the fact that they are organic, vegan and beautifully packaged. Any one with special dietary requirements (or who shops for someone with dietary requirements) knows how hard it can be to find deluxe products at a affordable price, that are vegan and organic. These are a fantastic, sweet treat.

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G&T anyone? | For the Love of Gin

Last month we stumbled across a rather wonderful craft gin … Tea flavoured!

Based in Yorkshire, this company’s gin was so lovely we have decided to share it with you, incase you haven’t heard of it before. One of the first things that caught our attention with this gin was the flavours…they make a lavender addition and a tea addition, two of our favourite things! Read more

Would You Like An Adventure Now Or Would You Like Tea First-Alice in Wonderland

Cup and saucer with hare necklace on it

‘Would you like an adventure now…or would you like tea first’ Lewis Carol in Alice in Wonderland.

Tea can be a mini adventure these days as the choice is growing.

We like to think of tea as a British tradition, but it was our Portuguese queen, Catherine of Braganza (who married Charles II) who initially made tea drinking fashionable, in the 1600s. Whilst it was once a pleasure reserved for the highest ranking people in the land, it has become accessible to all. Another difference between tea when Catherine was queen and tea now, are the options involved. Not only is there a lovely array of blends and brands, but also a choice in how you receive your tea. There are some wonderful brands keeping tea fashionable and interesting. We have spoken to the owners of three such brands. Read more

The Food Connection | A Conversation with Tessa Kiros

Provence to Pondicherry by Tessa Kiros

We at Home of Juniper love food. Food is very important. Food holds memories; memories of a grandmothers cooking, recollections of travels abroad, reminders of meals with friends and family… This is something food writer and chef Tessa Kiros understands. Her recipe books are intertwined with history of the food, the links to herself, her past and the world around her.

In her latest recipe book, Provence to Pondicherry, Tessa takes the reader on a journey from Provence to Guadeloupe, Vietnam, Pondicherry, La Reunion and then to Normandy. Throughout this book, as well as wonderful recipes, Tessa tells the reader about the countries the food is from, and the influence of French food in all these beautiful countries. We were lucky enough to catch up with the ever talented Tessa Kiros to ask her about food, travel and inspirations.

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