Words | Breakthrough Festival


Words | Breakthrough Festival

Do you love books, reading and writing? Are you interested in publishing, or getting into the ‘Book World’? If so, the Breakthrough Festival is the place for you. The festival is a free day of events, workshops and one-to-one sessions open to anyone who is interested in writing, books and publishing. This year the festival takes place on the 29th June in Twitter’s Soho offices.

 A festival with a difference, all the speakers are donating their time for free. This year’s speakers include Louise Doughty, Christie Watson, Emma Flint, Gillian McCallister, Kickstarter, Kerry Hudson, Vicky Newham, Esther Harris, Jessie Burton and many more. Though this is a free event, there is only a limited amount of tickets, and they are selling fast. This open access writing festival was started by one of Penguin Books authors Kerry Hudson. Kerry Hudson is the writer of Lowborn, with experience in trying to get into the writing world.


Becoming a writer is not easy. Which is why the speakers are donating their time for free, and there is no entry fee. As a way to break down the barriers into the world of writing and publishing, Kerry’s has also launched a GoFundMe with the National Centre for Writing to help offer financial support for people to travel to the festival, for accommodation in London and on-site childcare. Opening the event up to all age groups and incomes. 


An inclusive festival and a wonderful place to get tips and inspiration for any one who is interested in writing or publishing. And if you are lucky enough to visit the festival let us know how it goes via social media. 

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