Things to do in Autumn

Autumn Things to do

As the nights draw in, there are no more BBQs and late evenings in the garden. But there are some lovely ways to spend afternoons and evenings in Autumn. Here are a few ideas for quiet moments. Time for quiet.

Time to Forage

The perfect time to forage. Sloes for sloe gin, damsons or plum for jam, blackberries and apples for crumbles, crab apples for crab apple jelly. There are plenty of things to forage if you know the right places. And, as scientific evidence has repeatedly proven, having time outside is important for your mental health Delicious food and looking after your well being. 


Time to Make

For the crafty types, autumn is also a great time to make. As nights draw in it is the perfect time to be creative. Whether you knit, draw, bake or sew. We have some great ideas on our Make Pinterest board. It is also a good time to start making Christmas presents. 


Time to Read

As the nights draw in and get colder, it is a great time to catch up on reading too. Curling up on the sofa with a good book, magazine or blog is one of my favourite things to do. Sometimes there doesn’t feel like there is enough time to do it, but it is important to make time. These are a few of my favourite independent magazines:  Kind Magazine,  The Simple Things and 91Mag. All three have a great mix of  articles including food and interiors.

If you are more of a book reader, Slow is great for ideas on living a balanced life. What Red Was is one of the best  books I have read this year. Though it is not a light and fluffy book. And The Starless Sea (due out in November) is a stunning book for anyone who loves fantasy (we have a review coming out soon).

If you prefer being online, From Britain With Love is a great blog. 


Wine Tasting on the Sofa

The inspiration behind one of our bestselling candles. Sofa surfing with a few of your closest friends or family members, and a bottle of something you all enjoy (and snacks… there should always be snacks) the perfect way to relax and recharge. 

How do you like to spend your Autumn evenings? Let us know on our social media. And if you have made something, whether it is a wreath, jam or a cake we would love to see it, so tag us in your post.

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