Pause 100 Moments of Calm


Pause 100 Moments of Calm

Published 2019

Summersdale Publishers Ltd.

Pause – 100 Moments of Calm. A lovely little hardback book with 100 ideas all about being and staying calm. The book also has calming quotes and quotes about calm all the way through it. For anyone who wants to add a little more calm into their life.

A lovely little book written to help your self care and well being with ideas of how to live a calmer life. Each page is laid out in short paragraphs or sentences. Each is a different idea promoting calm and self care. Open a page at random to find an idea on how to have a moment of peace. Or if that page doesn’t suit, open another page!


The hardback book can fit in a medium sized handbag for you to read through the day. Or have it on a bed side table to get calming ideas each night. Pause has a mix of ideas for your well being and self care. Not every one one the one hundred ideas will suit you, but within the 100 there are some useful ideas; covering social media, diet, home decor, slowing down and more.

Even the title and cover of Pause is calming. The blue cover design is simple and pretty. And  the short snippets of ideas and information make it fun enjoyable to dip in and out of and get various ideas of how to live . Great as a gift (there is a To and From page at the front). Perfect for birthdays or as a stocking filler. Or treat yourself, if you need a little more calm in your life.

Available to buy on our website, on its own or in a well being gift set. 

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