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House Plants in the home. Homes are curated and created both consciously and unconsciously as we live our lives. Outside influences affect the home designs. Whether because of items gifted from others or things we have bought ourselves. Each house has an imprint of ourselves. Imprints come from different sources if the kitchen is inspired by the latest trend on Instagram, or bedroom from your favourite Home Decor magazine.

Ideas and items are imported from other countries, borrowed from friends and inherited from family. 

Our next range of blogs is all about what influences your home. How different countries can influence design, or items inherited from family, or current style trends.

The Plant Trend

One of my favourite trends of the moment is the love of plants. A trend that seems to have grown over the pandemic as people discover the joy of house plants. Not only do they look striking, they have health benefits. As well as mental health benefits certain plants have physical health benefits. For example Peace Lilies and Mother in Law’s Tongue plants have air purifying qualities.

The house plant trend is one I hoping stops being a trend and starts being normal.


Mother-in-laws Tongue

When Choosing Your New Plant

There are three main factors in deciding which plant is right for you; size, amount of care and sunlight. If you live in a shady house you need a plant that thrives without much sun. And you need to know how much time you want to spend caring for your new housemate. Size is also important.

Plant Size

Knowing how much space you have for a plant and where you want to keep it is important. And knowing how fast your plant will grow. Some plants will happily stay a desk plant for years (or ever). Others will remain a desk plant for less than a year before they become a floor plant or high shelf plant.

Picking a fast growing plant can also be a cheaper way of buying a plant. If you want a floor plant but don’t want to spend the £40 – £140 many large plants are selling for. Buying a fast growing plant is a good compromise. But remember if you choose this option you will need to buy compost and a large pot for it to grow into.

modern black trend - black plant pot

Peace Lily- black plant pot

Amount of Care

Some plants also require a lot more care. Whilst others are best left to themselves. Peace lilies and succulents are quite happy left alone except for being watered every now and again and sometimes tidied up.

Other plants require a little more TLC Some like to stay moist so need misting and watering at regularly to stay healthy (like monstera and some ferns). Some require special compost. Whilst others need a structured form to grow on, for example Monstera and Devils Ivy.



Amount of Light 

Light is also important for plants. Some like a little, others like a lot. So you also need to ask yourself where you want your plant (or plants). On the floor, on a desk, a windowsill, against a wall, and how much sunlight they will get when they are settles. Mother in Los tongue like a lot of sunlight so are quite happy on a windowsill. Ficus and Monstera like indirect sunlight; so are better suited in an area that gets sunlight but is not too near the window. Whereas as other plants are less fussy. And some are happy in shady areas.

Happy plant life. Let us know when you have decided who your new plant friend will be. And remember to use Peat free compost where possible.

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