The Language of Kindness A Nurse’s Story – Book Corner

Author: Christie Watson

Published: 3rd January 2019

Publisher: Vintage Publishing


The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story by Christie Watson. A memoir following Christie’s twenty year career as a nurse. Infinitely readable and a huge insight into life working in the NHS. This book is at times harrowing, political, introspective, truthful, enlightening, funny and sensitive. 

The book gives a clear and sensitive insight into life as a Nurse; from choosing a life path, through training and the progression of a career through the NHS. The book gives an honest look at what it is really like to work as a nurse. Including the importance of showing kindness on even the hardest day. And It proves that on some occasions nurses are not appreciated as they should be. It also shows what an important role they play in looking after patients, not just in the treatment, but also the care and humanity shown by a good nurse. 

The book also covers the death of the authors own father, and his relationship with his nurse. Part of what makes this book special is the honesty in which it is written, and the way you are let into the authors life. 

A thought provoking read which sheds light on one of the most important roles in the UK. The difference that a good nurse can make. A book about life and death that is honest and emotional (at times funny, at other points sad). It made me wonder if nursing is a job I could ever do. If I could show the same compassion and kindness in such a highly stressful job.

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