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We have always loved magazines. They are beautiful places to find inspiration, stunning images, wonderful writing and escapism. One of our favourite magazines for all these things, is 91 Magazine. It’s beautifully bound covers holds a wonderful collection of articles and images that do all of the above. We were very lucky to catch Olivia from 91 Magazine on the run up to the latest edition being released. Here is what she had to say:

What can people find when they open a copy of 91 Magazine?
It won’t be long now until the first copies of Spring Summer 2018 arrive back from the printers in Wales and within the week, 91 Magazine will be flying through our readers letter boxes and across the global network of boutique retailers. The new issue is our biggest yet, it’s packed full of inspired homes, lives and loves with a special focus on florals.  
Can you tell us a little about what you think makes 91 Magazine so special?
91 Magazine is all about sharing creativity to inspire our readers.  We’re proudly indie, from the tiny team that work behind the scenes to create each title, to the wonderful brands who join us, to  the awesome stylists and photographers who bring everything to life.  We publish twice a year and carefully avoid overly seasonal content, we know from readers that they keep our titles from year to year referencing our style guides and brand directories.  
How long have you worked at 91 Magazine? And what do you do at the magazine?
I’m the Brand and Marketing Manager here at 91 Magazine, I’ve been on board since we first went to print with our first issue and already we’re on our our fifth edition  … but I was a reader of the digital edition that Caroline Rowland, our lovely founder published right from the start, so I feel like I’ve been connected forever 😉 
What is a standard day working at 91 like? Or is everyday different? 
The 91 Magazine team is tiny but mighty, we’re just a handful of independents, mostly mothers who all mix in 91 with our day time jobs. Every 91 work session is different, our roles are very distinct andt we work in unity with each other to make it happen.  For me, the best part of my job is the moment when I’m working with brands  + the penny drops for them on the amazing opportunity that we can offer them.
Do you think magazines are an important aspect of UK culture? And if so why?
There’s been such an evolution in the magazine world in the UK in the past 5 years … readers are now seeking out really well crafted titles that bring unique editorial to life …  at 91 Magazine we make it our duty to fill that interest. Each edition has been a sell-out, and with each edition we reach wider audiences through our network of global distributers including wonderful independent, both on the high street and online, plus WHSmiths Travel, Anthropologie …readers in Europe, North American and beyond. 
What’s taken us by surprise is the connection we have with our readers, they share their inspirations across all the social media platforms where we connect each week, through instagram, pinterest, newsletters and blog posts.  
Do you think magazines have a strong future?
The future is so strong for magazines, both in print and digital editions, together with other independents we’re helping each other reach out to readers.
What is next for 91 magazine? Is there any 2018 plans you can tell us about? 
Work is underway for Autumn Winter, there’s never a moment when we’re not planning and fine tuning detail. 
91 Magazine is available in print and as a digital issue (you can also purchase back issues online) Click here to be taken to their purchase page, or have a look at their wonderful website.
If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of the magazine please share pics of your copy on social media using the hashtag #my91magazine. And tag us with #homeofjuniper

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